After an accident we know how much it can mean to have someone you depend on and who helps you. At Poder Legal we work tirelessly to help our clients and to get them results. Below are some examples of experiences our clients have had working with us:

Select Client Testimonials:

Working with Poder Legal was the best experience I’ve had with a lawyer. I didn’t know what to expect but Ben’s personality and honesty were refreshing. I always felt welcomed when visiting with him. He always took time with me when I called him and vise versa. I now feel like he is one of my best friends every time we speak.

Whenever I had a question, Ben always made sure to give me the answers immediately. I rarely had to wait for responses. My case was a car accident. Someone ran into me and totaled my car which severely injured my neck.

I would recommend Poder Legal to anyone. I always felt cared for by Ben and everyone at their offices. I've given their office number out a few times already. I am forever grateful for Ben's continued help.


I was involved in a traffic collision resulting in an injury complicated by a previous work related condition. It was difficult to get cooperation and acceptance of responsibility from the person that caused it, their insurance company and the law firm representing them.

Even with a reputable lawyer we were unable to reach a settlement and a long and drawn out legal battle was started. My initial lawyer referred me to Ben Swanson and Poder Legal as they are experienced trial lawyers. Ben accepted and took on my case without additional cost and agreed to accept the original contingency fees. He looked me in the eyes and with a handshake reassured me on the merits of my case and injuries. He humbly stated that he would represent me vigorously to the best of his ability with my best interests at heart.

Ben and his team went to work immediately. He got me expert physicians and witnesses familiar with my type of injuries who maintained the same enthusiasm in my case as he had displayed. He even added and secured additional specialized counsel as needed without additional cost to me.

Ben maintained an open line of communication. He kept me informed and in the loop. He answered my calls, texts and emails in a timely fashion and responded to me directly. This gave me confidence for a positive outcome with his display of a personally professional investment, interest and involvement in my case. He appeared to be genuinely interested and concerned with my wellbeing and recovery from start to finish and at all times throughout my ordeal.

After some time, along with documented treatment and medical procedures, Ben was able to negotiate and secure a large six (6) figure settlement on my behalf. It was graciously accepted and appreciated. Slightly unexpected because of the inauspicious beginnings of my case.

Ben’s personal and professional demeanor, character and work ethic earned him my personal friendship, admiration and great appreciation! I have already given him a referral and recommendation to a personal friend’s case. I will continue to recommend him and his group of associates’ to anyone needing representation in the future.


The best thing about Poder Legal and working with Ben is his personal attention. Ben and the staff at Poder Legal walked us through every aspect of the case. We felt informed and taken care of every step of the way. My case was a personal injury as a result of a car accident and I wanted to find the best car accident lawyer I could. I would recommend Ben and Poder Legal to anyone I know that needs help from a lawyer.

- B.R.

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