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Poder Legal has a 99% success rate in getting our clients just and fair compensation in Turlock.

Situated between Modesto and Merced, Stanislaus County’s second largest city of Turlock has over 70,000 residents. While not a large municipality, is ranks worse than average when it comes to being a safe transportation city. Turlock had over 360 victims injured or killed in vehicular related accidents in the most recent year statistics are available (2013).

There were also over 140 DUI arrests in Turlock for the year and it ranked particularly poor for young bicyclists.

Turlock is located on Highway 99 which is amongst the busiest thoroughfares in the Central Valley.

Any municipality with over 70,000 people and a busy freeway running through it is going to have it’s share of accidents. If you have suffered an injury in an vehicular accident, you need the best car accident lawyer Turlock has available to protect you and your rights and also one that offers a free consultation and case review.

Poder Legal has bilingual attorneys available day or night, 24/7, ready to speak to you about your accident. Our concern is our clients health and well-being after an accident and we’re also happy to report a 99% success rate in obtaining for our clients just and fair compensation. If we choose to take your case it’s because we are confident we can get fair and just compensation or take it through the legal process and secure a victory at trial.

After any accident, you are faced with plenty of uncertainties. How long will it take me to fully recover physically? What about emotionally? Will I be able to support my family anymore? How long will I be in constant pain? Will it prevent me from playing with my kids? What about the increasing medical bills? Or legal bills?

These uncertainties should not be faced alone. Poder Legal has the expertise as well as the experience to help you navigate these legal and insurance issues and help you return to health and get your life back on track. Call Today: 800-977-0150

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At Poder Legal we have two priorities:

  1. The first priority is simply to get you healthy again. We have connections with many of the best specialists in and near Turlock who are excellent physicians. It’s so important that you receive the correct medical treatment with the best physician for your situation and that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you.
  2. The second priority is to get for you reasonable and fair compensation for your injury and losses. We understand pain and suffering. We know it's more than just feeling hurt. A catastrophic injury can make you feel like a shadow of your former self and can take a huge piece of your life away. We do all we can to ensure you get some of that life back.

Whether you have been in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, bus accident, big rig accident, bicycle accident or were a pedestrian hit by a car, the best car accident attorney Turlock has to offer is at Poder Legal.

  • We service Turlock and the surrounding communities with locations in both Northern California and Southern California.
  • If we don’t win you pay nothing.
  • We have been 99% effective in winning or settling cases for individuals harmed by auto accidents.
  • We are fully bilingual and can provide full service legal representation for both Spanish and English speaking individuals.
  • Every case gets a free consultation with no risk of surprise fees.

Contact the best car accident attorney Turlock has to offer at Poder Legal today to schedule your free consultation and case review. Don’t live another day in physical pain and in legal misery. We’re here to help you.

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